• Filipe de Sousa Costa
  • 18 de abril de 2022 às 16:25

Colégio IESB.
Disciplina: Inglês.
Professor (a): João Otávio Sousa.
Aluno (a): Filipe de Sousa Costa.
Série/Turma: 9º ano A.

The Cleverest Son

In the beginning, there was a man who conquered a house to live and, after a while, he conquered a farm to work with the plainting and the raising animals. However, with the course of time, he was getting old and sick, so... before dying, he decided to give his house and his farm to a son, but the problem was: how did he give his house and farm to a son, knowing that he had three sons? Well, knowing this question, he thought: "if I divide my posses and give them to each son, after my death, they might fight amoung themselves with the posses. So, I am going to give my house and my farm to the cleverest son", and then, as he had three coins, he decided to give each coin to each son to each one to buy something that fills his room. In the end, the winner of the posses was the youngest son, because he bought a candle, and not only did the candle fill the room with light, it also illuminated the son who received the possessions.