• Gabriel Shoiti Hossaka
  • 12-12-2017 21:40:34

Hey, we are Aline, Bruno de Bassi, Emelayne, Flávio Augusto, Gabriel Hossaka and Maria Camile. We are students of the 8th grade in Medianeira.
Our group chose to volunteer to the WWF one of the biggest none governamental organizations that promotes nature preservation, because all 6 of us have noticed that there is a great problem with the natural environment all over the world especially here in Brazil in the Amazon rainforest.
How ever our group has faced some difficulties such as: how to start a WWF Paraná chapter so we can provide protection for the atlantic forest wich has significantly reduced in size over the past years.
We would also need to be older so that we can aquire property and supplements.
if our chapter was a succes we would hope to reduce illegal love and illegal hunting. That is if we overpass our various difficulties we have.
thank you and go check uot our coleeg's posts