• Laura Junqueira
  • 15-10-2018 14:13:10

In ten years I see myself living in another city, with my own beauty parlour. I will be living with my boyfriend and our dog, Macintosh.
First, I will graduate from high school whit technician in business, that will help me dealing with it. While I work, I want to specialize my techniques. I don’t know if I will go to college but I want to achieve financial estability.
I hope I will be very happy, with these friends that I love today and more new ones. Probably I will finally have nephews.
Above all, I want to be a better person, evoluate in personality, I want in the next ten years be helping every one I can.
Until there I will travel a lot, with my own money even more! I don’t plan to have children even in ten years. I want to focus on my career first of all, then maybe, I will make a happy family with the one I love.