• Ágata Menellike Batista Laterza
  • 13-03-2019 19:20:40

My Best Songs About Friendship
Friendship is something wonderful in tribute of this feeling, we prepare especially for you one playlist with five great songs that talk about the subject. Hope you enjoy!

1- Umbrella- Rihanna
It's a very animated song, great for listen any moment. The singer portrays exactly how we should always treat our friends.
2-I'll be there for you- Friends
Music from the opening of the serie "Friends". The song talks about always counting with friends in any situations.
3-We're going to be friens- Jack Johnson
The music is about the start of a friendship, the rhythm is very calm and it's a great song to relax.
4-Stand By Me- Ben E. King
The song has a contagious rhythm and the lyric is very pretty.
5-See You Again- Wiz Khalif
The song is very beautiful and talks about a friend that's gone. This music is a tribute for Paul Walker an actor of the movie "Fast andFurious" that unfortunately is no more between us.

Thank You for the attention