• Vinicius da Costa Souza
  • 16-03-2018 18:10:46

The Day that chagend my life
JULY 16,2016
On July 16, I was on a family with my cousins and uncles toward Belo Horizonte for a great soccer game in the Mineiro championship, in search of the great title for the soccer school.
On arrival from our destination, we went straight to the "Toca da Raposa" the famous CT Cruzeiro where it would be our game to try to get vacant for the next phase of the championship.
We arrived at the end of our trip, but we lost our game against Cruzeiro, but our trip was worth it because I met new places that I did not know, and I had a good time with my cousins and my friend of the soccer team, and we also went to the famous Mineirão stadium of Cruzeiro.

Vinicius Souza

  • Sophia Santos Chagas
  • 15-03-2018 20:00:24

First, I woke upe at 8:30 to go to Lilian's house, a friend of my mother.
Then,I had breakfast at her house.
After that,I went to the Sítio do Pica - Pau Amarelo.
Finally,I came home

  • Maria Fernanda Silvestre Silva
  • 15-03-2018 16:19:15

The day that changed my life

My godmother was 9 months pregnant with my cousin Miguel, and since he was going to be my first cousin on the mother's side I was very anxious.
First on January 5, 2016, my godmother sent her a photo of her in the hospital in the group we had on whatsapp and everyone wondered if Miguel was going to be born or if it was just another joke with us.
Then everyone started to ask and she said that he was really going to be born, and I very happy I gave a cry of happiness to warn my parents.
after that they called my godmother and she told them to go to the hospital because Miguel was going to be born and we got dressed really fast and we ran back there
Finally at 13:05 he was born and it was from that moment that my life gained a completely different meaning. This was the happiest and most important day of my life

Maria Fernanda

  • bianca santos leite silva
  • 14-03-2017 20:00:13


On 13/03/2016 me and mother went to the presentation of João Guilherme Avila, the event show happened in a hotel in a city of Taubate. First we went in and bought his custom cushions and objects, then I entered the place and chose a great place, the João passed by my side for a sign, he sang several songs
In the end it would happen meet and take photos, it was my turn to take a picture, and I ran and hugged him we talked. I gave him a gift and it was very incredible, I´m sure that I will keep this unforgettable and meaningful day for a lifetime.