• joao rosa
  • 18-03-2018 19:30:11

Special day that changed my life

first i woke up

than I went to church and it took

After that I went home

finally I had lunch

  • Anna Luiza Oliveira Fidelis
  • 18-03-2018 18:01:30

Special day that changed my life

First, it was my birthday
Then, my parents made a surprise for me. It´s a trip
After that, i was very moved
Finally, i took several photos and i had a lot of fun

  • Pietro Martins Cintra
  • 15-03-2018 14:24:49

The Day That Changed My Life

I first found a post from a skateboarding championship and showed it to my mother. After that she began to wonder if I could attend, would be a great opportunity for my future as a skater. Then she talked to my stepfather and they decided to take me. I was very nervous and soon I started to train because it would be a good chance for me to stand out. Finally began to arrive near the big day, but I was already prepared, and in the end everything went well. This was one of the most important days for me.