• Raquel Dantas
  • 17-05-2018 17:02:51

My best friend is called Larissa, she is very good for my, she is very funny, studious, smart, fast and very healthy, she loves to take care of me, and she is devoted to what she does. Your mom is called Madeline and she is a very famous sportswoman. She taught everything Larissa knows. Larissa’s dad is a professor of science at UFPB, he is really funny and every time I go to university he and Larissa play a lot with me and my father. Larissa and I met at the university. We like to sing, skate, ride bikes, dance, paint, draw and eat. We also love to eat the same things: parmegiana, pasta, rice, beans, egg, couscous, orange juice, guava juice, lemon juice, passion fruit juice and more...

  • Emilly Eduarda Martins Correa
  • 13-06-2017 18:08:58

My best friend is Sarah. She is quiet and very funny. I really like her to be my friend. Before she got to school I was very lonely. She came to make my days rejoice.

  • Julia Catarucci Bortoncello
  • 12-06-2017 00:05:24

My best friend's name is Nathan. He's a true friend, and he's always by his side. He is very nice and friendly. He is my best friend because he accepts me the way I am.

  • Guilherme Sene Lima
  • 11-06-2017 10:47:29

My best friend's name is Pedro. He's a true friend who always helps you when you need to. He is a funny and friendly friend. He is a true friend because he helps me and accepts me the way I am.