• Sophia Chagas
  • 13 de março de 2019 às 21:16

My Best Songs About Friendship
1-Summer in the city- Now United
This song is very beautiful, because it talks about enjoying every moment with the people we love. It is performed by now united band that is composed of 14 members from 14 different countries
2-Who you think the love- Now United
This song is very beautiful because it asks us how the power of love can unite people in the world
3-All Day-Now United
All day teaches us to do the things we like with our friends and not let go of any brother's hand, because no one is alone in the world.
4-How We Do- Now United
This song brings us a very beautiful message to do the likes, dance a lot and never forget the people who are with us in this long walk of life.
5-Beautiful Life- Now United
This song is very beautiful because it speaks to love each other, because life and nature is very beautiful

I put all the songs of this band, because I love her so much, it's beautiful to know that peace can exist and be preached through art, listening now united I feel connected to the whole world besides dancing with my friends