• Miguel Almada
  • 02 de dezembro de 2020 às 23:28

Hello, my name is Miguel, I participate in a tribe and I want to explain what they are. Tribes are a group where several people come together who think similarly or even very differently from one another. A tribe can help a person to create a proper personality and it is very healthy for the person's psychologist to have friends giving support.

  • Mel Rodrigues de Melo Vieira
  • 27 de novembro de 2020 às 19:56

Hi my name is Mel, I participate in a trip and I want to explain what they are. Tribes and groups are ways for someone to feel included and have an identity, so they deserve respect and stand out more. The tribes are always looking for a way to improve, with innovative ideas. So I explain to you that the real importance is that everyone feels good.