• Bárbara Duarte Gonçalves
  • 06-06-2019 18:00:26

This is a very beautiful song!
Song: I still haven´t found what I´m looking for.
Band: U2!T.Babi

  • Estudante
  • 07-06-2019 17:01:55

Very good!

  • Bárbara Duarte Gonçalves
  • 06-06-2019 17:54:01

  • Bárbara Duarte Gonçalves
  • 06-05-2019 22:39:57

Hello everyone!
I´m Bárbara.
Could you tell me what are the activities you like to do here the most?
What activities you like to share with SFP members?

Thank you for answering!

  • Luiza Silva
  • 05-06-2019 22:54:27

Option A

In my free time I like to listen to music. I like to spend my free time with my friends and family because I feel very happy to be there. My favorite activity is watching movies and series with my friends. It is very important to have free time because it is a time to relax and take care of yourself.

  • Murilo Henrique Saito
  • 08-05-2019 22:39:57

Este é o meu trabalho teacher Adriana

  • Mariana Alves
  • 02-05-2019 01:37:53

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