• Sandryellisson Lucena Soares
  • 14-02-2018 20:37:18

Hello people

  • Adriana Moraes Rossi Mota
  • 07-02-2018 11:30:47


  • Leonardo Vallim Leitão
  • 12-12-2017 21:46:13

Hi guys, i Leonardo Vallim and Vinicius Graelm researched The Soup group, which is a group of people who volunteer to deliver soups to needy people.
This work entertained our group because besides being a very cool action is not minimum age to participate, and happens on Saturdays, the day everyone is free of commitments!
It is a group of volunteers that serves a needy region in the Uberaba neighborhood. They prepare food, cook and then deliver 400 liters of soup to about 600 needy people. The delivery of the soup takes place every Saturday
Come and be part of this peaple!

  • Gabriel Shoiti Hossaka
  • 12-12-2017 21:40:34

Hey, we are Aline, Bruno de Bassi, Emelayne, Flávio Augusto, Gabriel Hossaka and Maria Camile. We are students of the 8th grade in Medianeira.
Our group chose to volunteer to the WWF one of the biggest none governamental organizations that promotes nature preservation, because all 6 of us have noticed that there is a great problem with the natural environment all over the world especially here in Brazil in the Amazon rainforest.
How ever our group has faced some difficulties such as: how to start a WWF Paraná chapter so we can provide protection for the atlantic forest wich has significantly reduced in size over the past years.
We would also need to be older so that we can aquire property and supplements.
if our chapter was a succes we would hope to reduce illegal love and illegal hunting. That is if we overpass our various difficulties we have.
thank you and go check uot our coleeg's posts

  • pedro.karam de lima
  • 12-12-2017 17:33:47

Hey guys, we are André Coelho, Gabriel Prestes and Pedro Karam. We are studens of the 8th grade in Medianeira college (Curitiba - PR). We choose make donations for veterinarys for all the world equipments to take care of the animals in extinction or risk of extinction. These tip of voluntary work is most important to world to preserve the fauna.
Difficulties the that we will have are:
- earning the equipments
- our age
- traveling to the anoter countries
- we dont have enough training
We hope that the future wiil be a better to all live and don't have more wars,disease and degradation of the environment.

  • Lara Ono Glufke Reis
  • 12-12-2017 14:44:09

Hey, we are Lara Ono Reis, Gabriela Bochi, João Victor, Sofia Tonon and Rodrigo. We are studens of the 8th grade in Medianeira (Curitiba - PR). In our class, we learn about Charles Bradley and a music of him, the "Change for the World". Inspired on it, we are posting this text to inform you how you can be a volunteer to change the world with love and make up the difference.
At first, we will say what is a volunteering. Volunteer is someone who does an unpaid activity. The volunteer give some time to help someone. Dedicating your time to volunteer, you can have some benefits like new friends, develop emotional stability, reduce risk of Alzheimer's (more about it:, and improve school experiences.
After knowing those things, maybe you are thinking: "How can I be a volunteer?". It depends on the place you live and what you want to change the world. Today we are going to inform you about a specific and interesting volunteer work: the voluntary work in hospitals. The objective is try to do the patient happy and temporarily forget the health problems that it has.
There are some popular voluntary works in the hospitals like the visit of clowns. They are the most traditional and specialist to do the others happyness. We like too some illusionist, because it is easier to like: everyone loves magical things because, well, it’s fantastic! Some people like just to talk or, in the case of children, play games and enjoy with toys. All these examples are available in all the world. In our city, the Hospital Pequeno Principe ( and the Hospital de Clínicas UFPR (ário-no-hc) allow people to volunteer. In Manhattan (USA), the NYC Health Hospitals ( and in Ottawa (Canadá), the Ottawa Hospital ( ).
But, you will have some difficulties: a lot of time, patience and transport are some of them. Probably, you’re a teen, so, you need to dedicate your time with the studies and social life. Also, the majority of the hospitals prefer to open volunteer vacancies just to adults and teens over 16 years old, so, maybe it is good to wait to have the ideal age.

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