• Francisco de Assis do Nascimento
  • 02 de outubro de 2020 às 10:47

Hello My name is Assis I'm student.
I'm from Brasil I live in Alagoinha.
My school is special.
My teachers is great.
I use good books to read stories in english to learn english.
My book for me is good, I'm happy..
With my school.

  • 07 de setembro de 2020 às 21:40

My name is Ana Paula and I've been an English teacher for a long time.
I'd like to have samples of 50wordstories. Can any of you help me sending me some of your own production?

tks a million

  • Arthur Sabino
  • 13 de julho de 2020 às 20:22

Boa tarde! Meu nome é Arthur Sabino Bispo e hoje vou falar o que devemos fazer para economizar água.
Devido as condições atuais devemos tomar cuidado com a água, principalmente na hora de escovar os dentes e tomar banhos curtos e com eficiência. Aproveitar a água da chuva para quem mora em casa e construir prédios que a usem em áreas comuns e banheiros.

  • Mariana Ferreira
  • 11 de julho de 2020 às 14:38

Welcome to everyone who is listening to me, today i will talk about how to save water. We can use rain water to wash the bathroom, the rest of the water in the washing machine to clean the house, take short baths, brush your teeth with the tap turned off and we can also reduce meat consumption because nowadays those who spend the most water are the farming system. Well, that's it, I hope it was useful.

  • Victor Guilherme
  • 10 de julho de 2020 às 22:16

Dogs' life is not easy
Humans themselves make it difficult
They "must always obey"
Without breaking!
And if they do it wrong they suffer
And send them away with a but
Never come back ...

  • Maiza Morais Alves dos Santos
  • 14 de junho de 2020 às 17:00

Books are fantastic,
Books are great
They make the person
Travel withou leaving the plece
They open doors
And help in their knowleadge
Books are fantastic