• Melissa de Castro Fernandes
  • 01 de outubro de 2021 às 16:42

hey, just see this site

  • Melissa de Castro Fernandes
  • 18 de setembro de 2021 às 16:54

Summer bliss

Chapter 3

The end of summer

Summer is almost over, it's even sad to think about it!
The worst is that Uchida Aoi and I studied in different schools so we usually see each other much...
But in the end this was my best summer! And it was the first I fell in love with!
I belive that's why it was my best summer!
I can't wait next...

  • Rodrigo Russo Moreira de Oliveira
  • 01 de junho de 2021 às 17:11

The beach
come to the beach
where the sea is blue
whit small white waves

a wave comes to cover
your feet
you stand still
and there she goes

lets´s build a castle
in the sand
and look for shells
come with me to see the sunset

  • Enzo Arueira de Siqueira Lopes
  • 26 de maio de 2021 às 13:47

My best friend’s name is Michael. He is quiet and very funny. I really like him to be my friend. He's a true friend, and very nice and friendly. He is my best friend because he accepts me the way I am.

  • Jaime Rocha
  • 21 de maio de 2021 às 08:58

Um grande abraço a todos os meus alunos do Colégio Santa Bartolomea, em Macapá-AP

  • Girleney Santos Araújo
  • 13 de abril de 2021 às 11:17

A galerinha do Fênix Instituto Educacional (Vitória da Conquista - BA) tá na área.