• Maiza Morais Alves dos Santos
  • 14 de junho de 2020 às 17:00

Books are fantastic,
Books are great
They make the person
Travel withou leaving the plece
They open doors
And help in their knowleadge
Books are fantastic

  • Luis Andrei Mendonça Meireles
  • 26 de maio de 2020 às 23:40

B- 1.My best friend.(cantor: weezer "2005" compositor: Rivers Cuomo, makes me feel good about having true friends.
2.With a little help from my friends (cantor: The Beatles, 1967, compositor: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, makes me think about how is important to heve friends)
3.Song for a friend (cantor: Jason Marz, 2005, compositor: Dan wilson, Dennis Morris, Jason Marz, makes me think about what we can do for a friend)
4.count to me (cantor: Bruno Marz,, 2010, compositores: Ari Levine, Peter Hernandez, makes me always remember that i can count on my friend and I need)
5.Meu caro amigo (cantor: Chico Buarque, 1976, compositores: Chico Buarque, makes me realize that friends can pass sometimes apart)

  • Luis Andrei Mendonça Meireles
  • 26 de maio de 2020 às 22:49

1.Don`t forget the little details, have empathy
2.Learn to listen to problems and happy moments
One good friend need has a loyal, patient, trusttworthy being in good times but also bad ones.
1.One good friend should never abandon you.
2. He has to be a lovely with you.
3.He need to know how to do several things
4.He need to be patient to put up whith my attitudes
5.Be companion and help your friend necessary.

  • Maria Eduarda
  • 11 de maio de 2020 às 16:14

My timeline
• Oct 2006, I was born
• Jan 2007, I moved to Rio de Janeiro
• Feb 2010, My first school
• Fev 2014, I moved to Itajubá
• Nov 2016, My sister was born
• May 2017, I broke my arm
• Jan 2018, I moved to another school
• Sep 2019, My cat died
• Fev 2020, I moved to Castelo do Saber

8° ano
Professora Inajara

  • Guilherme Gabriel Krull dos Santos
  • 07 de maio de 2020 às 18:54

My timeline

3 November, 2006 was when I was born
2007 I learned to walk and speak
2012 I entered a soccer school to play and be champion and I was in the 1st in my school
2018 I changed schools to study in the 6th year

2020 I broke my arm
2020 I'm still alive
Guilherme Santos 8th year

  • Lucas dos Santos
  • 07 de maio de 2020 às 18:33

My timeline

May 27, 2006 I was born
2007 I started walking
2007 I started talking
2012 I graduated in pre 2 °
2012 I graduated in pre 2 ° again
2018 I graduated in 5 year

2020 I still live
Lucas dos Santos 8° ano