• Heitor Andrade
  • 25 de fevereiro de 2024 às 11:44

Colégio: Anísio Teixeira
Nome: Heitor Andrade
Professora: Katiúscia

Shortbread biscuit

2 eggs
1 spoon of vanilla essence
300 grams of butter
250 grams of refined sugar
600 grams of wheat flour

Way of doing:
Turn on the oven at medium temperature (180 degrees)
Add the flour, sugar, butter and vanilla essence and mix well until a uniform dough forms.
Grease a large baking tray with butter and flour.
Roll the cookies into whatever shape you want.
Distribute the cookies on the baking sheet, leaving a distance between them.
Bake for 25 minutes or until the cookies are lightly golden.
Remove from the oven, wait to cool and serve.

  • Andrei Batista
  • 13 de fevereiro de 2024 às 21:26

Colegio autentico
Andrei batista
Professora joyce
9 ano

Having a friendship means having someone who will always cheer you up in your saddest moments, someone who will always support you in achieving something, and who will alert you when you are doing something wrong, someone who has fun with you and who would do many things for you, below we have some songs that talk about friendship;utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing: It's nice to have a friend talks about how good is to have a friend, and it talks about differents situations that happens with the two both persons like ''School bell rings, walk me home'', the song is from Taylor Swift and the song was released in 2019;utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing: Umbrella is a song from rihanna and it talks about that the person will always be with her or his friend and it says that the person can stay under her umbrella because they'll' still have each other while it's raining more than ever, the song was released in 2009;utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing:Say you won't let go talks about a person who will stay with his friend until they turned grey and white, this music can talks about a friendship and about a love relationship and it's a music from James Arthur, the song was released in 2016;utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing: No body no crime talks about a person who has dead, and a friend would do all to find who killed her, and in the end she will kill the person who killed her friend, the music talks about a vingance for her friend who was killed and it's also from Taylor swift and it was released in 2020;utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing Here with me talks about a person that will show a smile on his face if her or his friend stay with him and it says that ''All I know is you're here with me'' the music is from d4vd and it was released in 2022

  • Lauro Sodré Souza
  • 22 de março de 2023 às 16:59

Colégio Liceu
student: Lauro Sodré Souza
grade and class: 9th grade
teacher: Thiago

A long time ago, a father was close to death, so in order to divide his wealth among his three sons, he told them to get something to fill his room, so while the other two sons bought hay and wheat, the smartest son bought a candle, from which he filled the room with light, earning his father's inheritance

  • Gabriel Ichikawa Yamamoto
  • 21 de março de 2023 às 15:34

Colégio Pollux
Student Gabriel Ichikawa Yamamoto
date 21/03
grade and class: 9th grade
Teacher: Pedro Diniz

An elderly woman who was ill, and had 3 sons. She couldn't divide the company that she owned to her 3 sons, so she gave them paperwork of the same amount and told them to find the best way to finish the paperwork to test their intelligence, and one of them would become the owner of the company and can inherit it.

The first one finished the paperwork with time and patience, the second one finished it cheating and the last one helped other workers and he asked them to help him and they decided that the third son would inherit the company and become their CEO of the company

  • 19 de março de 2023 às 18:09

Colégio Liceu
student: Sávio Gomes
grade and class: 9th grade
teacher: Thiago

an elderly man who was terminally ill, had 3 children, he could not divide the house into 3 parts, then he gives 1 coin to each child of the same value, and decides to test the intelligence of the brothers and tells them to buy something that can fill the room, he would inherit the assets of the sick father, only 1 brings, the second brings feathers, the third who was the winner brings a lit candle that fills the entire room with light and inherits

  • 19 de março de 2023 às 16:43

Colégio Liceu
Student: Catharina Souza
Date: 19/03
Grade and Class: 9th grade
Teacher: Thiago

A gentleman, who had three children, was very sick and knew that he would soon die. He did not intend to share his goods and land so he proposed a challenge “the smartest son, who with just a coin, manages to fill my entire room, will have everything that belongs to me. The eldest son and the middle son soon thought of a more superficial way to fill his father's room, one bought bags full of feathers and the other bags full of straw, the youngest went further and thought of buying a candle and turn it on, because then the light would fill the whole room, thus making the youngest son win the challenge.