• Geovana VÍTOR
  • 19 de março de 2018 às 20:12

The best day of my life it was the plane with my family and when we went in the play center!
#8 esperança

  • nicolas ribeiro penetra
  • 19 de março de 2018 às 16:43

My name is Nicolas.
Let me tell you my story:
From the two and a half years that I began to study at the "Colégio Conquista" in Caçapava, I stayed for 9 years (5th year) and began studying at the "Colégio São Francisco de Assis", where I am until today in the 8th grade.
Prof: Adriana Rossi

  • Alyne Tosetto
  • 19 de março de 2018 às 15:38

The best day of my life it was when me and my family went to Gramado - RS. There we did a lot of things like : played soccer ,met museuns and new cities for me.

  • joao rosa
  • 18 de março de 2018 às 19:30

Special day that changed my life

first i woke up

than I went to church and it took

After that I went home

finally I had lunch

  • Anna Luiza Oliveira Fidelis
  • 18 de março de 2018 às 18:01

Special day that changed my life

First, it was my birthday
Then, my parents made a surprise for me. It´s a trip
After that, i was very moved
Finally, i took several photos and i had a lot of fun

  • Vinicius da Costa Souza
  • 16 de março de 2018 às 18:10

The Day that chagend my life
JULY 16,2016
On July 16, I was on a family with my cousins and uncles toward Belo Horizonte for a great soccer game in the Mineiro championship, in search of the great title for the soccer school.
On arrival from our destination, we went straight to the "Toca da Raposa" the famous CT Cruzeiro where it would be our game to try to get vacant for the next phase of the championship.
We arrived at the end of our trip, but we lost our game against Cruzeiro, but our trip was worth it because I met new places that I did not know, and I had a good time with my cousins and my friend of the soccer team, and we also went to the famous Mineirão stadium of Cruzeiro.

Vinicius Souza