• Isabella Maria Soares da Silva
  • 22 de abril de 2024 às 09:15

Isadora Lopes Vieira 9ºA

A long time ago, there was a man who had theree sons. He became ill, and he was soon going to die, so he called his treree sons into his room.
" I cant divide the house and the farm to leave a piece for each of you. The cleverest son will inherit the house the farm."
There is one coin for each of you. The one who uses the coin to buy something that fills my room will receive all I posses. The others will get nothing"
Each of the brothers then received a coin. The oldest brother bought hay, the middle brother bought wheat, and the youngest brother appeared with a lit candle.
" Very well", said the father. " You really filled my room, while the others did not. You will receive the house and farm"
The younger brother was smart, as he filled his father's room with light with his lit candle. So he received the inheritance.