• Azhaya Aranguren Cuervo
  • 11-12-2017 23:28:39

8º C
Azhaya Cuervo nº 3
Enrico Fransozi nº 9
Gabriela Garay nº12
Kenzo Suzuki nº 15
Maria Eduarda Vieira nº24
Volunteering in Africa
minimum age: not specified
workload: 25 hours per week
arts: help by painting, sculpture or drawing
to repair: one hand in any repair
Today, the ego on the planet makes people look only for their problems and only help others when it benefits them in some way; for example, many people still think that the homeless are in this situation because they are lazy and not because they do not have opportunities; we found a way to change that: exchange in Tanzania, an African country where you spend a minimum of 2 weeks helping 25 hours a week, working in the community garden, taking care of maintenance and still playing with children.
For us, the difficulties would be our age, the air tickets, the language (intermediate English) and the tourist visa for the country.
However difficult there are, there are solutions: for the question of age we would have to wait until we are 18 years old for the trip, for the air tickets we would need money to buy them and an adult companion, besides learning the intermediate level of the English language and get a tourist visa for Tanzania; We though of this project because we want to make the world a better place, create a better society, a way of thinking more human in us and cultivate in our minds the feeling of empathy and self-transcendence, seeking to help others give these opportunities that can help a lot.