• Catarina Elisa Santos Albino
  • 29-03-2018 17:39:12

Problem: The boy woke up very late and remembered that he has a Science test to do in school.
Solution: He should pack up quickly, have his coffe only on the way, and go fast to school !

  • Giovana Rossi Bortolozzo
  • 14-03-2018 15:05:36

for me a good friend needs to be true, sincere and funny!

1- Be true it is a base of all, your friend can't hide anything of you.

2- Sincerity it is one of the most important things in a friendship, even because don't have nothing better know you can cont on all the time.

3- People funny always help in bad moments and make me laugh all the time.

  • Catarina Elisa Santos Albino
  • 13-03-2018 19:22:56

Friendship is the most genuine, pure and sincere relationship that exists. Having a good friend in your life is essential, no one lives alone, or at least does not feel well in this way, having a person you can always trust is a great way to live well.

1 For you to be a good friend, you must speak the truth always, no matter what happens; is to share all the moments, the good and the bad, to participate in joys and sorrows, without exceptions.

2 When you see your sad friend go to him, see what is happening, if he does not speak, just stand by him, this will help him. Good friends have to be with each other always, in all situations.

3 Respect is the basis for any relationship, which includes friendship, a good and true friendship will never be built if there is mutual respect, one should respect the other, their feelings, their afflictions and their fears.

4 Good friends feel comfortable talking, they know enough to understand what the other one says with just one look. In that way, feel good with your friend, when this happens you will understand the sense of simple friendship, the one that is nice to have.

5 Always count with your friend and have him with you, a true friendship must have confidence, one must count on the other for all moments, mistakes and hits, do not point your finger at him, if you give him form advice that does not hit him.

6 Companionship is essential for a successful friendship, always be with your friend, do not ever abandon him, because he is unique in your life, even if you make many other friends, none will be like him, so be a good companion.