• Matheus Henrique Goulart da Silva
  • 05 de abril de 2021 às 13:55

How to be a good friend

We know that a life with friends is always much more fun and happier. Having company for various types of moments makes us more confident and makes everything lighter. We have listed below six main points that a friend needs to have in order to be a perfect friend.

1. Be sincere: It is very important to speak the truth and always be careful not to hurt the person. A sincere friend makes us more confident in our day-to-day choices, and always points out our mistakes.

2. Be nice: It is to be a friendly person who listens to friends and has attention to help the friend and it can also be when your friend takes something for you that is to be nice or to share too.

3. Have to be faithful: Who has fidelity, who keeps his contracts, who is loyal and keeps promises. It also does not betray the person with whom it is related. A faithful friend helps you above any difficulty.

4. Be encouraging: Encourage your friend to do something, make the person's courage flow and can also be the person who encourages or encourages your friend to do something with you.

5. Have a good mood: Always being funny with your friend is very positive. It also serves to increase your friend's spirits by improving the sad days giving you more reasons to smile.

6. Be a good advisor: Friends who pass advice advise the direction of somewhere, any decision to be made. When you need help your friend can give advice on how to help you.


  • Luis Andrei Mendonça Meireles
  • 26 de maio de 2020 às 22:49

1.Don`t forget the little details, have empathy
2.Learn to listen to problems and happy moments
One good friend need has a loyal, patient, trusttworthy being in good times but also bad ones.
1.One good friend should never abandon you.
2. He has to be a lovely with you.
3.He need to know how to do several things
4.He need to be patient to put up whith my attitudes
5.Be companion and help your friend necessary.

  • Luis Felipe Barbosa Silva
  • 14 de março de 2018 às 23:26

How To be a good friend

Being a good friend, people can do some things, for example:

1.Make he/she happy and avoid hurt them
2.Always help them
3.When they are sad try to animate them
4.Go out with them and have awesome days
5. Respect if they don't like jokes
6.Be on his/her life in bad and good moments
7.Be a trustful friend, someone who can count on all the time

  • Enzo Amorim Santos
  • 14 de março de 2018 às 17:23

A Guide On How To Be A Good Friend
1.For you to become a good friend you must never leave your friend in bad . How place exemple he such as a difficult moment like his parents loss
2.For you a good friend,you need to have a politeness and respect this others's opinion.
3.For you become a good friend you always need to help him.
4.You need to know listen what has to talk.

  • Pedro Henrique Mendes dos Santos
  • 14 de março de 2018 às 15:47


1- Forgive friends,
2- Accept it the way it is,
3- Keep in touch always,
4- Always increase friendship,
5- Help no matter what,
6- Learn together.

  • Luiza Rodrigues Gomes
  • 14 de março de 2018 às 15:17


It is important to have a good friend to advice you,to make you laugh when you are sad and to trust you
1-Be companion and help your friend necessary
2-Counsel your friend when he has a problem
3-Be willing to listen to it
4-Enjoy every moment with your friend
5-Trust in you friend and be honest with him