• Catarina Elisa Santos Albino
  • 16-10-2018 17:54:09

In tem years my life plan I will to finish the medicine college. Pretty soon my cirurgy residence, I will work as doctor in a renowned hospital.
I will get married. My wedding will be at the beach, abroad probably. I wil have a house in at the beach, where I will take care my children, maybe four. Two to adopt, two biological children.
In my dreams there are several life projects, one of them, one of them is to help people, especially children, in the case of the needy, sick or only those who need love, I have a greater appreciation for them. Another thing I want to keep in my routine is the trips.
I will be very happy. With a beautiful Family, the better work in my life and living in the my beach house.

  • Matheus Franco Henrique
  • 15-03-2018 23:16:24

A guide on how to be a good friends
Being a good friend, read the tips below:
1. Don't lie. Good friends don't lie for best friends.
2.Play enough with your friends. Those people who play with their friends are very good and, everyone likes.
3.Give advices. When your friend is in a bad moment.

  • Luis Felipe Barbosa Silva
  • 14-03-2018 23:26:53

How To be a good friend

Being a good friend, people can do some things, for example:

1.Make he/she happy and avoid hurt them
2.Always help them
3.When they are sad try to animate them
4.Go out with them and have awesome days
5. Respect if they don't like jokes
6.Be on his/her life in bad and good moments
7.Be a trustful friend, someone who can count on all the time

  • Maria Clara De Araújo Bianchi
  • 14-03-2018 21:37:29

To having a good friendship you need to know how to listen your Friend, be honest, help he is in a bad situation and for all situations. Bellow there's a guideline on how to be a good Friend.
Step 1: you have to be polite and respectful to your Friend. If you don't respect him, there is never going to be trustful
Step 2: Don't lie, you need to get them confident and to keep them close you.
Step 3: Be on his/her side in bad and good moments
Step 4: Lean on your Friend, that way he can lean on you too