• Catarina Elisa Santos Albino
  • 16-10-2018 17:54:09

In tem years my life plan I will to finish the medicine college. Pretty soon my cirurgy residence, I will work as doctor in a renowned hospital.
I will get married. My wedding will be at the beach, abroad probably. I wil have a house in at the beach, where I will take care my children, maybe four. Two to adopt, two biological children.
In my dreams there are several life projects, one of them, one of them is to help people, especially children, in the case of the needy, sick or only those who need love, I have a greater appreciation for them. Another thing I want to keep in my routine is the trips.
I will be very happy. With a beautiful Family, the better work in my life and living in the my beach house.

  • Matheus Franco Henrique
  • 15-10-2018 20:45:56

In 10 years, I see myself, graduated in Physical Education, giving classes in several schools and in academies like Personal Trainer. Living together with me a German shepherd and a girlfriend. During this period I intend to do several things, among them:
-Open a gym;
- parachute jump (my biggest dream);
-to leave my parents' house;
- buy my first car;

  • Laura Junqueira
  • 15-10-2018 14:13:10

In ten years I see myself living in another city, with my own beauty parlour. I will be living with my boyfriend and our dog, Macintosh.
First, I will graduate from high school whit technician in business, that will help me dealing with it. While I work, I want to specialize my techniques. I don’t know if I will go to college but I want to achieve financial estability.
I hope I will be very happy, with these friends that I love today and more new ones. Probably I will finally have nephews.
Above all, I want to be a better person, evoluate in personality, I want in the next ten years be helping every one I can.
Until there I will travel a lot, with my own money even more! I don’t plan to have children even in ten years. I want to focus on my career first of all, then maybe, I will make a happy family with the one I love.